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July 2
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.:Sapphire Flame:. FULL x by D-Rayne .:Sapphire Flame:. FULL x by D-Rayne
~Design Notes~

:bulletred: Wears a White jacket with a short Black shirt.
:bulletred: Has a pink marking in her tail.
:bulletred: Wears 2 long sleeves.
:bulletred: Wears armour on each paw like Dante.

NAME: Sapphire Flame!
NICKNAME: Shana (dues to her appearance of course ^^)
GENDER: Female!
AGE: 18!
Date of Birth: 6th February!
Species: Red Wolf!

Likes: Shopping, Being Cute, Lollipops, Fire, Hanging around with friends and Studying.
Dislikes: People shouting and being mean, Being alone, Feeling scared, Rude boys, Bugs.


:bulletred: Very easy to get along with. She likes to make new friends.
:bulletred: She can be blunt sometimes.
:bulletred: She has a very gentle spirit and does not become easily offended.
:bulletred: She expresses her emotions fairly without showing a lot of vulnerability.
:bulletred: Very loyal to Dante and Rayne.
:bulletred: There is even the rumour that she has feelings for Rayne since they met.


:bulletred: Hell Fire! - She has the ability to incinerate objects upon contact with channelling fire to her weapon.

~Backstory on Sapphire~

- Sapphire had a very happy childhood growing up with her family.
- This was short lived when a swarm of Elite brutally murdered her father.
- Her mother hid her away to protect her before being killed herself.
- Her uncle found her and raised her as his own with love.

- He was also a craftsman and since finding her, he taught her how to fight.

- 15 years passed since then and now she swears bloody vengeance against the demons that killed her family.
- At the age of 17, Sapphire met Dante.
- She was found fighting a swarm of lower-class demons within the walls of Aselia Castle.
- Dante pitched in to help her.
- When the fight was over, she told him the reason for her appearance in Aselia. How she needed to extract revenge on a certain individual.

- The two were after the same goal and the same person.
- The two decided to help each other achieve this outcome.
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Bellona: -sharpening her blade- as long she don't touch my Dante, she can live...

She's beautiful :) I love the outfit! Great job, Josh! :D
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She's so pretty
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